Serotonin in ”Serbia Reconsidered – Contemporary Artist from Serbia”, IMAGO MUNDI Luciano Benetton Collection



Imago Mundi is an idea of Art.

Imago Mundi is an idea of the World. Art and the World without borders, as envisaged by Luciano Benetton, creator of the global fashion brand United Colors of Benetton, and art patron by vocation. It is a democratic, collective and global map-in-the-making of human cultures.
With a single format, 10×12 cm, the collection brings together artists from every continent: more than 20 thousand from one hundred countries and native communities, a number that will reach over 26,000 by the end of 2017.
Established names and promising talents, all side-by-side on the same starting line. And all involved on a voluntary and non-profit basis.
Imago Mundi unites: countries where there is wellbeing with countries at war; historically opposed and divided countries; minorities, such as in China where there are 55 different ethnic groups; inviting everyone to join a dialogue in the name of art. The result is an impassioned, creative, visionary kaleidoscope of techniques, colours, currents and inspirations. A mosaic of stories, passions, dreams, actions and contradictions, where each work lives by its own light, but at the same time becomes a piece in a global picture.
The Imago Mundi artists are promoted internationally through catalogues, the imagomundiart. com web platform and participation in art fairs and exhibitions in partnership with private and public institutions around the world.